Pamela Beaming


Enables the possessor to teleport with beams


The desire to be somewhere else




Teleportation Power

Beaming is a form of teleportation where the user disappears and appears in a pink glow originating at the heart. This form of teleportation is used exclusively by Cupids and Cupid-Witches and is the only way to enter Cupid's Temple, due to its protection from evil.


Beaming is almost instant and users can often carry others and inanimate objects with them as they teleport, so long as they establish and maintain physical contact with them.


The first Cupid that Phoebe and her sisters met was powerless without his Cupid Ring and was shown to be unable to Beam without it, indicating that not all cupids can naturally teleport, which likely lead to the decision to include the beaming power within the ring. However, while some cupids require a ring to teleport, they still appear and disappear in the same bright reddish haze as a natural user.

List of beings who use(d) BeamingEdit

Original power
Through artifact, power stealing, etc.